“A girl is only helpless while her nail polish is drying.” A famous line that’s funny, but holds great truth to it. For this reason, the nail industry has been constantly developing technology to improve this situation. One of its development is the dipping Powder manicure which has been present for quite some time now but in recent years garnered a tremendous amount of attention because of social media and of course there is a reason why. This manicure perfectly suits ladies with weak nails and are having a hard time growing them out because they keep on chipping.

Powder dipping is a nail enhancement that is similar to acrylics or hard gel when it comes to giving another set of protection to your natural nails. The difference lies in the process, with dip nails you no longer need to put your hands inside a UV light machine. Which is why many prefer this to other enhancements, they are easy to your skin and fewer worries with the UV exposure.

Another difference is the duration of the service. It is quicker and easier to apply. Also the first time you’ll try the dip powder is also interesting because how of the application.

And lastly, the durability of the Dip powder, it is certainly something to talk about. This type of manicure can last up to four weeks especially with the proper aftercare products.

Too much of everything is always not good. Sometimes we ladies tend to get addicted to having pretty nails that we can’t stop ourselves and do them over and over again. It is important to give your nails a proper amount of time to breathe in order to prevent them from becoming brittle. Another necessary advice that every nail technician swears on is giving your nails the right aftercare products. Keep your cuticles moisturized and you will definitely see a difference with their condition.


  • Rameesha Choudhary
    Posted October 17, 2019 3:57 AM

    Can u tell me price for manicure pedicure

    • Mimosa Beauty Lounge
      Posted November 5, 2019 3:47 PM

      Our Nail Dipping Powder price starts from AED 200, Please call us to know about our current promotions.

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