Fungal nail infection is the most common problem people encounter in their nails. Dermatophyte is a specific type of fungus that mostly causes these infections. Aside from it, yeast and molds also cause the infections.

The nails — just like most things — grows weaker as people get older which is why fungus frequently occurs in older adults. When the nails become brittle it is more susceptible to fungi and bacteria.

How to Treat Fungal Infection?
The following are important practices to treat and prevent fungal infection.
1. Make sure to always keep your toes clean and dry especially after a shower or bath for wet nails are more
2. Getting regular pedicures will keep the nails clean and neatly trimmed and your pedicurist can check for changes in your toenails. Get regular pedicures to keep nails clean and trimmed when necessary. It is vital to give your nails time away from nail polish in order to rest.
3. Start to treat infections immediately. An untreated fungal infection will spread to the other nails and this drags the treatment longer.
4. Antifungal creams/ointments/sprays are very helpful to treat fungus. Applying religiously to the affected area reduces the spread of the infection and makes the healing process faster.

Fungal Nail Infection is easy to get but the treatment will be a process not as quick as to how we got it. There are different treatments available in the market to treat them such as topical creams and sprays, over the counter oral drugs, medicated nail polish and the likes. It is important to know the severity of the infection to get a great view of what actions should be done to get them treated.

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