K18 Hair Treatment A miracle Hair treatment?

Before adding new brands:

We in Mimosa Beauty lounge always try to find different treatments and products which will help solving client’s hair problems,

We tried Nashi, Olaplex, Kerastase and many other well-known brands.

And now we saw a big hype about K18, so we decided to call the supplier to try it out before adding it to our hair bar.

Let the K18 hair treatment Journey Start:

“Rose” Our model, she was the perfect person we can try K18 on her hair, her hair is always on bleach she loves to change her hair color every month (No problem with that if she is maintaining her hair regularly, which wasn’t her case) and she has an excessive hair damage.

“Marisse” the hairstylist who did the treatment,

She started by cleansing Rose’s hair with shampoo without using any conditioner removing an oil in the sculp, then she dried the hair with a towel to remove any excess water, Marisse started to divide the hair into 6 parts and to spraying K18 hair mist 3-4 times for each area, then she used 3 pumps of the K18 hair mask applying it to over the hair, Combing the hair and leaving it for 5 Minutes.

She finished the treatment with blow-dry and styling the hair.

Below before and after pictures:

The results as you can see was impressive, K18 Hair treatment proofed it wasn’t a hype, The result was almost immediate, we can see the K18 treatment renewed the strength, restored the broken hair and gave a smooth shine effect

We asked the Model to come again the next day to have another look, And again it the result was amazing.

We created a short video to show the procedure with the result check it out: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/wHHdLrt0efY

Now we are convinced that K18 hair treatment is a good treatment that our clients deserve,

We decided to add the professional and retail lines to Mimosa Beauty Lounge.

1-K18 Leave in

2-K18 Mask

3-K18 Mist

4-K18 Shampoo and conditioner

5-K18 peptide

Looking to have K18 Hair treatment in Dubai?

If you are living in Dubai or a tourist looking to have K18 hair treatment in Dubai, then good news that we have it here in Mimosa Beauty Lounge.

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