Benefits of Shea Butter Hair Treatment:

Shea butter is full of fatty acids and vitamins which help to hydrate your hair. Shea butter also has emolliating qualities, helping to lock in moisture without leaving hair heavy or greasy.

Massaging shea butter into your hair is a great way to retain or replace natural oils without stripping the ones on your hair and head. Plus, this extra stimulation helps to promote follicle growth.

Shea butter for hair is also a great way to combat frizz due to its smoothing properties. Using products infused with shea butter can help coat strands and soothe your scalp, tackling frizz.

Just as shea butter helps protect skin from heat and cracking, shea butter can be a great heat protectant for hair too. This is because it creates a barrier on your hair that can be a healthy alternative to chemical heat protectants, and also helps with UV protection.

Happy scalp
Thanks to its gentle moisturizing properties, hair products infused with shea butter are a great choice if your scalp needs a little TLC.

Who should use Shea butter?
Shea butter is a great natural alternative to any chemical hair treatment in the market, If you are looking for natural anti frizz treatment then Shea butter is definitely for you, This natural hair treatment has almost 0 Side effect if applied correctly with the right treatment time.

Where you can get Shea butter?
You can get the basic Shea butter from the market, But if you are looking for the maximum result then we recommend you choosing our signature Natural Shea butter Hair treatment  at Mimosa Beauty Lounge in Dubai which is located in Barsha Heights, Our Shea butter hair treatment is filled with many natural ingredients which will give you an Frizz less Hair.

Shea butter hair treatment in Mimosa beauty lounge – What to expect?
Mimosa hairstylist will apply the Shea butter treatment in these steps:

    1. The hairstylist will wash your hair with the correct hair shampoo to remove excessive oil from the scalp.
    2. She will dry your hair perfectly.
    3. She will apply the Natural Shea butter based on the hair length.
    4. You will have a 10 min head and scalp massage, Please try to relax and enjoy your massage till your scalp absorbing the natural hair treatment
    5. You have the option of washing your hair after 30 min or keeping the treatment in your scalp for the next 12Hours and wash it in your home. (We advise to keep it in your scalp the maximum time possible “Not more than 24H” to get the maximum result.

We recommend doing Shea butter hair treatment 3 times a month.

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We will be happy serving you.


Mimosa Beauty Lounge Team.

Service Time: 45 minutes

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