Summer is here and it is staying for a couple of months, so the best thing to do is to enjoy it while it lasts. The perfect way to savor the season is to flaunt your summer hair which will make your summer ten times better.

Perfect Summer Hair

Balayage – the term “balayage” is a French word that means to paint or to sweep. It is a French coloring technique that has grown in popularity over the last decade, providing the colors of numerous celebrities that we all knew and love.

Whether you want a slight or dramatic change with your hair color, you can always count on Balayage to deliver. The technique provides a more natural look to your hair because of how it naturally blends the colors and gives a healthy color finish. And under the summer light, a balayage hair will look amazing!



Bob Cut – we’ve all seen the bob cut in different forms and length but it is always a timeless classic that isn’t going anywhere. With the temperature getting higher here in Dubai, individuals are chopping their hair from left and right. Having this cut does not always mean having it short, you can either have a short bob or long bob, depending on what suits you best and you are going to have this super chic look.


Beach waves – As an All-time favorite, the beach waves is the absolute best for the summer especially when you are expected to be spending lots of time at the beach. This is a “day to night” look in which you can feel youthful, vibrant and free. And if you are wondering if it can be done with short hair, the answer is a tremendous Yes. You could never go wrong with the beach waves.

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Crazy Color– getting a crazy color is an amazing take on showing uniqueness. It is a great conversation starter and you will definitely receive compliments from strangers from time to time which totally boosts your confidence like never before. It is especially suitable this season because it shouts vibrancy and excitement.

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