For the longest time, Acrylic and Gel nail extensions are a trend to having the perfect manicure. These two nail enhancements are the best way to achieve those classy nails – just like what our favorite celebrities have!

But let’s be honest, Acrylic and Gel nail enhancements may be an ideal way of achieving the shape, length and look you’ve always wanted but, there are quite a few downside to having them:
Acrylics involves unpleasant chemicals and fumes. Gel requires UV lamp for it to harden – we all know that in the long run, frequent exposure to UV light is harmful to our skin. Both Acrylic and Gel must be refilled at least every 2 weeks. And lastly, both could damage your natural nail making them weak and fragile.

And for us ladies who have a love-hate relationship with Acrylic/Gel, our wishes has now been answered by a new manicure system – the Dipping Powder.

What is a Dip Powder Manicure?

Dip Powder manicure is the latest manicure system there is right now. It is as strong as Acrylic and as shiny as Gel. Dip Powder does not require a UV lamp for it to harden and unlike Acrylic nail extensions, Dip Powder does not have a foul chemical smell at all! It is a long-lasting manicure that will last for 3 to 4 weeks if well-taken care of. It can be applied as an overlay to your natural nails or an extension by using nail tips should you want longer nails.

Instead of the usual liquid polish, the color comes from a pigmented powder. There are a lot of colors to choose from and you can mix and match your favorite colors! You can opt for just one color, the classic French-tips, and Ombre.

The removal of Dip Powder manicure is the same process as removing Acrylics. Nail technicians will have to thin down the enamel using an electric nail drill and soak it in cotton with acetone. After 5 to 10 mins, you’ll see that the Dip Powder will come off like a bubble gum and will leave your nail beds unharmed and damage-free.

Dip Powder has been around for years but only recently that the process has been popularized. Since its comeback, there have been quite a few brands that have popped-up – Kiara Sky, kismet Nail Sip, SNS and Revel to name a few. All of these brands are good. It’s just a matter of brand availability in your local community and makes sure to find the best nail technician to achieve the perfect dip powder manicure!

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