Do you ever get super worn out after a busy week and just need some time to relax your body entirely? If so, worry no more, the best remedy is to get you a full body massage and experience its wonders.

How it can do wonders to your Body & Mind?

Massage is an old and sacred method of therapy that is powerful and provides manners of healing, not only in terms of physical healing, but also mental and emotional healing.

Here are a few of the benefits you receive during massage

  • It gives relaxation to the entirety of your body.
  • Increases blood circulation
  • This gives your vital organs and tissues more nutrients and oxygen which results to the repairement of your damage cells and tissues.
  • Some studies have already proven the effectiveness of a massage treatment in combating stress, muscle pain, and muscle tension. You can get muscle tension for varied reasons and a full body massages aids in loosening the tightness of your muscles thus releasing the tension.
  • As mentioned above, having this treatment will also boost your emotional health by uplifting your mood and thoughts. A massage can directly lower the levels of stress hormones and amplify happy hormones such as dopamine and serotonin.One causes of stress is the dreadful lack of sleep, a full body massage treatment improves your sleep as it helps you relax your body and soul.
  • Last important wonder of a full body massage is its skin benefits. With the massage comes the removal of dead skin cells, at the same time it rejuvenates to skin to more glowing and fresher state. The oil, which commonly used during a massage, provides moisture towards your body.

With all these benefits, it is important to find a peaceful place to unwind and relax after the stressors of everyday life. At Mimosa Beauty Lounge in Dubai, we have crafted a perfectly tranquil environment to help you unwind with a full body massage. Whether you are recovering from a recent injury or just need to relax, our full-body massages are the great form of relief. In addition, our salon offers some other beauty services also to make your stay more enjoyable. We look forward to helping you remain peaceful and grounded while enjoying the fast-paced life of Dubai, UAE.


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