We love to add glamour to our everyday look and having great lashes usually does the trick. Falsies used to be enough but with our daily lives getting busier and busier in the city, we’re looking for a more permanent fix which is obviously eyelash extensions. Now, getting your lashes done is a not a piece of cake, we all wish it is though. But as beauty gurus say “great beauty comes great sacrifices.”

Tips Before Getting Eyelash Extensions

To enlighten you on what you should be aware of before extending those lashes we listed them down below.

  • On average, extensions lasts for 4-6 weeks but every two-three weeks there is a need to do refill treatment to keep them looking fresh and fabulous.

Take note: Every 2-3 months you should rest your eye lashes to let them breathe and do a new full set.

  • Your first appointment: It normally lasts 2 hours to get your lashes done. All that time you will need to lie down and close your eyes while the professional does her magic. So if you badly needed to take some midday nap do it while you get your lashes, best way to kill two birds with one stone right?
  • Lashes that has been through lash lifting recently can’t do lash extensions. It is advisable to wait 8-10 weeks to have it.
  • They will not damage and shorten your natural lashes, contrary to popular belief. With the right application and proper aftercare, your natural lashes will not break off and should stay unaffected. When removing the extensions you will immediately feel that they have become thinner and shorter but they haven’t, so don’t fret. Reacting that way is normal since you’ve been used to seeing them the other way around but your natural lashes are fine.

Remember, let a professional remove your extensions.

  • Let’s dwell on the Aftercare. To maintain and keep your extensions on as long as possible you must invest time and effort in taking care of them.
  1. Right after you’ve done your first appointment, avoid getting your lashes wet within 24 hours. Also, it is highly advisable to avoid steam, facial, work outs, basically any activity that can cause sweating and moisturizes the lashes for it can loosen the hold of the glue.
  2. It is best to use non- oil base make up products, especially around the eye area. If not necessary, avoid applying eyeliner and be mindful when removing make up and be gentle.
  3. Remember to brush them on a daily basis with a spoolie that the professionals provide for you to maintain their freshness.
  4. Do not pick and rub your eyes.

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