Which one is the best semi-permanent hair removal method? – That is the question that women around ask upon entering a salon when they want to remove unwanted hair. Truth be told, the answer depends on each individual, exactly what method one would suit you and your skin type better.

In order for you to have an insight to what method you think will suit you, we are breaking down the main differences between the two.

  • Cost
    Cost wise, threading is less expensive compared to its counterpart. With threading what you basically need is the thread while in waxing, you need to have the wax and machine and everything else that comes with the service such as creams.
  • Pain
    This is where it gets tricky because tolerance for pain differs from person to person. When you do waxing you are covering a good amount of area of hair that will be pulled out at once. Pain, yes you will feel it at once.
    Now let’s talk about threading. Mind you threading is also a quick process of removing hair but unlike waxing, where you get to remove hair by large areas, in this method hair are being removed through rows which means the pulling is done a couple of times. Basically, you will feel pain more times than when you do waxing.
  • Duration
    Generally, removal through waxing is faster but when it comes to small areas, for example eyebrows, it is fairly easy and quick to remove hair with precision.
  • Longevity
    Does one lasts longer than the other? The answer is yes and no. Both methods removes hair from the roots that on average, will last you two weeks but it still depends on how rapidly your hair grows. For others, it starts growing after a week while for some after three weeks.

Laid above are major factors to consider on which hair removal method you think is better for you. But in summary, there is no clear ways figure it out just by reading all these articles. We are not saying it won’t help because it definitely will. However, the only way to know for sure is to try it out. Take a little bit of risk and you will know your answer.

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