Why are Hangnails dreadful?
Do you ever notice that tiny piece of skin at the sides of your cuticles that are quite annoying, you just get the urge to rip your skin apart?

You are not alone, men and women alike, suffer from this condition called hangnails. Yes they are small in size, but boy are they terribly painful especially when you pick on them as they will get deeper and longer and that is when bacteria comes in which results to an infection.

What is a hangnail?
Technically they are not part of your nails, they are torn part of your skin around the area of your nails. The reason why they cause great pain is because they happen to exist on an area where numerous nerve endings and tiny bloody vessels are located so they are highly sensitive to pain

What causes Hangnails?
Hangnails typically appear when you have dry skin and that means you might have experienced it often when the weather is cold. You could say “winter is here” when all of your fingers are covered with hangnails. Furthermore, if you wash your hands frequently that is another reason for dry skin.

Why should you take care of it?
When hangnails are left without care there is a huge chance that an infection will develop. And you don’t want that, even without the infection the pain is already intolerable, how much more when infected. Treat it properly to not affect other area of your skin.

How to prevent hangnails?
It’s already been pointed out in many articles that “moisturizing is key” for face, skin, and hair and the same is true for preventing hangnails.

Get yourself a good hand moisturizer and apply daily especially after washing your hands since water can cause dryness. When washing dishes or clothes try using gloves to protect your skin. Cuticle oil is another lifesaver when it comes to preventing dry skin.

To avoid infection never pick on your hangnails for you will only worsen in. When you pick or pull them out, you are basically opening the doorway for bacteria to come in and cause an infection. Instead of pulling them out, clean your cuticles regularly.

Lastly, do not bite your hangnails- it’s unhygienic. If your hangnail is in a serious condition, consult your doctor for proper treatment.

Hangnails are dreadful and it causes a lot of pain, good news is, it can easily be prevented. Since the primary suspect of hang nails is dry skin then its primary solution is keeping your skin hydrated. Moisturizing religiously can make a huge difference and it’s a difference for the better.Keep yourself hydrated by drinking loads of water in a day for optimal results.

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